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We are all just different kinds of beautiful. When we believe we are beautiful, that is when we truly shine. Our amazing job is to add to that confidence that ignites your own amazing beauty, both inside and out through the art of permanent makeup!

It is our honor and joy to contribute to our clients in this unique way and we’d love to share it with you through the microblading and permanent makeup services we provide.



Study under Master Trainer Jenny Huong Claessens and become certified through Beauty Angels Academy! Both our Live & Online Training Courses include direct, 1-on-1 coaching directly with Master Jenny, as well as a product kit, and full home study mentorship curriculum. You won’t find a more supportive, mentorship based program to launch & grow your career!


Training Courses

Attend a live Training Course with hands on training directly with Jenny, then continue your 100 hours of training with our home study mentorship program.


Training Courses

If a live course is not an option for any reason, you can still get certified and be mentored directly by Jenny a variety of techniques through our online course options!



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Beauty Angels Academy is an American company founded by some of the most experienced master trainers of microblading. It has created a world renowned method of performing microblading that consistently produces high quality results among their trained artists.

Beauty Angels artists use proprietary techniques and instruments, as well as top quality products that enhance the results of their work.

It is highly recommended that you seek out a Beauty Angels trained artist to perform your microblading treatment.

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Before Beauty By Jenny, Jenny was a famous fashion model in Vietnam and throughout South East Asia. After emigrating to the US, she founded Beauty By Jenny, to bring the style and beauty that she was known for to you. Now focused solely on permanent makeup, her passion for beauty delivers the best personalized results for you. She’s a certified Master Trainer by the world renowned Beauty Angels Academy, which specializes in symmetry and measuring brows by the golden ratio. This technique custom designs the eyebrow, lip and eyeliner shape to accommodate the natural proportion of your facial features.

Beauty Angels Academy are best known for their natural 3D like hair strokes that are hand drawn with precision. With over 15+ years of experience, Jenny has mastered her skills in artistic composition and meticulous attention to detail, while building and maintaining client relationships. Beauty By Jenny officially launched in 2017 and grown ever since with thousands of social media followers 100% satisfaction from clients. She has been done over 3000 procedures in 5 years of her career.

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Give the gift of permanent makeup to your friends and loved ones! We will take amazing care of them and deliver not only an amazing result, but an amazing experience too!